Creating a Pin

There are two main ways in which you will create a Pin with Ahalogy.
  1. To Pin from within the Content Network, click on a Pin you'd like to schedule. Once it opens, you will choose your board(s) and write the description, the click schedule. To pick a specific time when creating the Pin, click the clock next to where it says "Auto Schedule." You will then be prompted to identify the time and date you'd like the Pin to post.
  2. To create a Pin from your own site and others on the web, you use the Pintool. When you're on the site you'd like to Pin from, click the Ahalogy "A" in your toolbar. The Pin form will appear, and all you have to do is click on the image. From there it will automatically pull in information for the description, where you can choose to use this or edit the copy. All that's left is to choose your boards, and click Schedule. If you'd like to crop the image or add an overlay, you can hover over the image in the Pin form and click on the Edit symbol in the top left—we've integrated PicMonkey's full suite of features so you can create the perfect image to Pin.
​​If you'd like to upload an image directly into the Ahalogy app, click "Add A Pin" at the bottom of the navigation bar on the left. Then, choose the image from your desktop, go through PicMonkey to edit, choose your URL and description, then hit Schedule.

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