Editing a Pin

Editing Pin Copy
Oh no! You've found a typo in your description copy, or you'd like the Pin to go out at a different day or time? No problem. As long as the Pin is still in your schedule, all you have to do is click on the Pin and it will open so you can edit these fields. When you're done, click schedule again and you're all set.
Note: If the Pin has already been published to Pinterest, you unfortunately won't be able to edit them through our tools.

Editing the Scheduled Time on a Pin 
If you have a specific time and date you'd like the Pin to publish to Pinterest—click the clock symbol when you're scheduling. This prompts you to type in the specifics around when you'd like it to go out. You'd type something like "Today at 4pm", or "10/2/2014 at 3:00pm". To publish a Pin immediately, you can simply type "Now" in that field and the Pin will post within 5-10 minutes of scheduling.

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