Types of content to license

You are able to license any content that is your own original work. If you pay for stock images (rather that taking your own photos), you are permitted to license these to Ahalogy.

If you use royalty-free stock images or Creative Commons/Flickr photos, we suggest you use your own judgement on whether you have the proper permissions and rights to use the image to promote your content as a Pin on Pinterest. If the stock photo or Creative Commons image allows you to use it on your site and on social platforms such as Pinterest, generally that means it's OK to check the boxes that you own the image and license it to Ahalogy.

When it comes to a collage photo, leading back to something like a round-up post, this can get a little murky. We advise, if you're using images from others in the collage, to get their permission before you license the image. The same will apply for posts written by contributors, or posts you've contributed to other sites.

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