Terms of Use & Copyright License

Ahalogy's Terms of Use can be found here. But what does this all mean? When you license content to Ahalogy, you're making it available for our brand and content partners to pin, which means they send you more traffic!

You're also giving our partners some leeway in how they present your content on Pinterest. Our partners may choose to slightly modify your images in order to optimize how well they perform on Pinterest. Those modifications may include cropping or adding a text overlay—both proven strategies to increase engagement and performance on Pinterest. (Please see our full copyright terms here)

If you include a watermark, logo or other proprietary symbol in your licensed Pin, our partners may not remove that as a modification. Our brand partners will strictly adhere to the following visual guidelines when pinning your licensed content from the Ahalogy Content Network.


Again, you retain full ownership and rights to the content you license to Ahalogy. The terms are written to protect Ahalogy and our partners in case you decide later to stop working with Ahalogy, but your Pins are still on someone's boards on Pinterest. Or if we end up using your Pin as an example on our website as a case study. 

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