How to Use Ahalogy's Pin Tools

Here’s a quick and powerful way to create and schedule Pins of your content with Ahalogy.

How to get the Ahalogy Pinning Tool

  1. First, make sure you’re logged in at
  2. Click on your avatar, then the gear symbol to go to Settings. Click the arrow to go to Pinning Settings, then Install Our Pin Tools.
  3. If you use the Chrome browser, click to install our Chrome Extension. For all other browsers, like Safari or Firefox, click and drag the Pinmarklet right up into your bookmarks bar.

How to use the Pinning Tool to create and schedule a Pin

  1. Once you've installed our Pinning Tool, go to any article you’d like to Pin.
  2. Click the Ahalogy button in your browser and select any image to create a Pin.
  3. You’ll see a window appear over the page, displaying the Pin image and information. You can adjust the Pin description however you’d like.
  4. Notice our Liftwords feature on the right—you might want to include a word or two from this list to make your Pin easier for people to find.
  5. Click under Boards to choose one or more of your Pinterest boards where you’d like this Pin to publish. Start typing the name of a board to narrow the choices.
  6. Whenever you’re creating a Pin of your own original content, and you want to make that Pin available for other Ahalogy partners to share, check both boxes. Learn more about licensing content to Ahalogy.
  7. If not, you can still use Ahalogy to schedule the Pin—it just won’t become part of our network.
  8. Happy with everything? Go ahead and click Schedule. Ahalogy will automatically Pin it for you to the board you selected at the best time. Feel free to Pin other images from that article, or move on to other things.
  9. Want to make changes, either to modify the Pin image or specify a time for your Pin to publish? Click Edit and you can finish inside the Ahalogy app.

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