How to Use the Ahalogy Content Network

As a member of the Ahalogy Content Network, you have access to some of the most popular and engaging content on Pinterest. We’ll show you how to take advantage of this access to grow your blog.

With Ahalogy, you can easily find and schedule Pins from top content creators, along with your own content.

We recommend about half of your Pins each day promote your original content, with the other half coming from the Content Network. This method helps you be a good community member, and increases your odds for more "winning" Pins (since only a few Pins will drive the majority of your followers and traffic).

Ahalogy provides several options to find content you want to Pin, including recommended Pins for your audience and Top Performers from across our network. You can filter the results by selecting certain Pinterest categories or by searching for keywords.

If you see a publisher whose content you want to Pin regularly, click the star next to their username. This will add them to Your Favorites, where you’ll see the best Pins from all content creators you’ve starred.

When you find a Pin you’d like to share, click the image. You can alter the description if you’d like, then choose which Pinterest board you’d like the Pin to publish on. Then click Schedule Pin, and it’s automatically added to your schedule.

To adjust how many Pins you publish per day—and the ratio of your own Pins vs. Pins from the Content Network—click on your avatar, then the gear symbol to go to Settings. Click the arrow to go to Pinning Settings.

You can set your Total Pins Per Day at any number from 1 to 25. Slide the button to determine how many of your daily pins come from your content and from the Network.

As you go about Pinning, you can check to see how full your Schedule is (both from your self-published content and network content) by clicking your avatar.

You have the best of Pinterest at your fingertips! Start discovering content your audience will love and keep your schedule full of great Pins.

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