Introducing Ahalogy's Sponsored Content Program

Great news: Ahalogy is offering a new way for you to make money from your blog.

We’re partnering with top brands and publishers to create sponsored content that’s a win for everyone. You get the opportunity to earn additional income doing what you already do best. Your readers get more of the unique, useful content they’re craving. And our brand partners get the high-quality content they need to connect with their audience and achieve their marketing goals.

How the program works (in a nutshell)
  1. APPLY: You complete a short application to opt into the program.
  2. OFFER: Ahalogy reaches out to you with specific brand opportunities, including payment and campaign details.
  3. DETAILS: If you accept, Ahalogy provides you with the assets and direction you’ll need to be successful.
  4. CREATE: You create and submit your sponsored content.
  5. REVIEW: Ahalogy coordinates with you and the brand to make sure everything looks right before the content goes live.
  6. AMPLIFY: Ahalogy works with brands to share and amplify your content across platforms.
  7. PAYMENT: Ahalogy pays you within 30 days of submitting your final content. See the results

Over the last few months, we’ve been working with a select group of brands and bloggers to test out this sponsored content program. Here are some examples of the work so far:

Tips for Healthy Skin in Your Twenties via Advice from a 20 Something
The Ultimate Summer Beauty Survival Kit via Hot Beauty Health
Easy Mix and Match Monster Pumpkins via Hello, Wonderful
DIY Paper Flower Gift Topper via Fall for DIY
Gifts with Purpose via The Fox and She
Cookie Dough Overnight Oats via Faith Food Fitness

If you’re wondering ...

How much money can I make?
We offer fair, competitive compensation for paid content. Individual payments range depending on the specific assignments and your overall reach and traffic.

How much traffic will I get?
We encourage and assist brands in sharing your paid content organically via their owned social platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, etc.). We also help brands amplify their campaigns with strategic media buys. Depending on a brand’s media investment and existing channels, your sponsored content (as well as your own brand) could get a free bonus bump in traffic and impressions.  

How often do these opportunities occur?
Since we first began this program last year, the number of sponsored content opportunities has grown rapidly. We’re expecting increased demand for sponsored content in 2016, as top brands make social/content a focal point of their marketing efforts. If you have the voice, aesthetic, and reach to fit our brand partners’ needs, your opportunities with Ahalogy could be substantial in the months ahead. And if you’re still working up to that level, Ahalogy will be here to help you learn and grow along the way.

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