How to Quickly Curate Content with Ahalogy

If you examine the habits of highly successful content creators, you’ll notice the best ones regularly promote other people’s content, too. That includes curating content that speaks to your audience and helps establish your reputation as a tastemaker in your space. We built the Ahalogy platform to enable you to do just that. 

But perhaps when you log into the Ahalogy app and see the latest Top Performers from across our network, you might not see what you’re looking for. Maybe you’re longing for more variety, or a particular aesthetic quality, or something else, but struggle to find it as you scroll through hundreds of pieces of content. 

The good news is, our engineers are working on some product updates that will allow much more content to be included and displayed in the network, as well as better ways to feature the best of the best, with variety. This update may not be fully rolled out until this spring.

What you can do right now

Here are a couple of quick fixes you can try with Ahalogy to help you curate content you and your followers will love:
  1. Look at the "Recommended for You" feed and see if you like the pins shown there. 
  2. Strategically add partners as Favorites (click the star by their username) and use the Favorites feed instead of Top Performers to curate your content. 

Finding your Favorites

Here’s a starter list, organized by category, of active, top-performing content creators in the Ahalogy Content Network that you might want to Favorite:

DIY & Crafts


Food & Drink

Hair & Beauty

Health & Fitness

Home Decor

Kids & Parenting

Personal Finance



More Favorites

Keep an eye out for our weekly newsletters. We’re always highlighting new content creators who join the network, so you can continue building your Favorites and adding fresh goodness to your feed.


One more time-saving curation tip

We’ve learned through testing and learning that top-performing content from Pinterest often does quite well with audiences in other platforms, too. So while you’re scheduling Pins with Ahalogy, you might also add the content you’re Pinning into the rest of your social media mix, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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