How to Use Ahalogy's Pin Tools

Here’s a quick and powerful way to create and schedule Pins of your content with Ahalogy. How to get the Ahalogy Pinning Tool First, make sure you’re logged in at Click on your ava...

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Creating a Pin

There are two main ways in which you will create a Pin with Ahalogy. To Pin from within the Content Network, click on a Pin you'd like to schedule. Once it opens, you will choose your board(s) and write th...

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Editing a Pin

Editing Pin Copy Oh no! You've found a typo in your description copy, or you'd like the Pin to go out at a different day or time? No problem. As long as the Pin is still in your schedule, all you have to do is ...

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Removing a Pin

If you would like to remove a Pin from the Ahalogy Content Network, please contact support. In your message, please share the URL of the Pin you wish to have removed, and one of our team members can take care o...

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